Liquid Fund v/s Short Term Fixed Deposits

These are two instruments which are used to earn some interest on money lying idle in bank or money which has been set aside for a purpose. We understand what are fixed deposit what many investors are not aware of is liquid fund Well Liquid fund as the name suggests are Mutual Fund Schemes keep our money “liquid” (almost cash). These liquid funds are debt funds that work in money market instruments It is a market for short term borrowing and lending. Overnight, two day, ten day, a month paper is what is bought and sold. For ease of understanding we will compare two products in each category. Two things come in to play while comparing the two product categories:

1. Return on Investments

Fixed Deposit
A Fixed Deposit will give a known rate of interest for a known period. So say a 61 – 90 days fixed deposit in HDFC Bank will fetch you a return of 5.5% for a senior citizen.

Liquid Fund
A Liquid Fund the rate of return is not known in advance instead it fluctuates based on the NAV .However the risk is minimal and the typical return for a decent Liquid fund would range from 5-7% .For example the DSP ML Liquid Plus Regular Fund has given one year return of 8.67%

2. Tax Treatment:

Fixed Deposit
The interest on Fixed deposit is taxed by adding it to the assesses income .Hence if you belong to the highest tax bracket you will be taxed at 30%, thus wiping out a huge chunk of return.

Liquid Fund
A Liquid Fund has an advantage here if you opt for a dividend option the dividend is tax free in the hands of the investor that’s right.”NO TAX” for you. In some schemes like the HDFC AMC’s Treasury plan you get daily dividend on the investment made thus giving you the freedom to remove money on any day you need it.

While the fixed deposit scores in terms of reliability of return .Liquid fund scores on the liquidity, rate of return and tax treatment. Investments companies recommends liquid funds for those who are income tax assesses & need to park funds for shorter tenures.…

3 Wealth Creation Strategies That Will Guide You To Financial Freedom

In today’s economy many people are constantly looking for new wealth creation strategies that will allow them to become financially free, and release themselves from the burdens of a day job. The secret is often found in 3 simple wealth creation strategies, that if followed, will allow most people to amass a level of wealth and freedom that most people could only dream about.

Here are the 3 Wealth Creation Strategies that you can implement today, to change your life forever:

1. Make a Commitment – Most people are unable to obtain true wealth because they never commit to financial freedom, and consequently they never pursue the wealth creation strategies that will allow them to have this freedom. You have to make the conscious decision that you are going to pursue financial freedom and become wealthy and enjoy all of the fruits that come with being wealthy.

2. Set Goals – There is a popular quote that states, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” If you are truly dedicated to the process of wealth creation, then you have to take the time to set goals. Take a look at where you are today and decide where you want to be down the road and make plans to get there. This could mean different things for different people. You first goal may be to earn more income, increase your savings, or become debt free. There are many different avenues for creating wealth. Therefore, you have to make a commitment to which avenue you are going to travel upon and then you have to set a goal for how you are going to move along that road.

3. Determine an Asset Class – The next step you have to complete is determining “How” you are going to create wealth. What vehicle are you going to take in order to accomplish your financial goals? In today’s current economic state, the decline in real estate prices poses a great opportunity for a savvy individual. However, even though real estate in general provides a good investment opportunity, you still have to decide on a niche within your real estate market. Are you going to invest in residential real estate or commercial real estate? Are you going to be an active investor and track down the good deals or are you going to be a passive investor and invest your capital into other people’s deals? Once you decide which vehicle is your best option for wealth creation, all that is left is to follow the first two steps and commit to this vehicle and set goals for determining where this vehicle will take you.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and provided you with more clarity on the 3 wealth creation strategies that will allow you to become financially free. If you have any questions, we can carry the conversation over into the comments below so please let me know your thoughts and comment below.…

One Hour Payday Financial loan Possible choices Allow You Fix Your Dollars Requires Immediately

You may not be mindful that there is this kind of a detail as a 1 hour payday mortgage, but there are several consumers that use the on the internet software procedure to resolve their emergency funds requirements. For the reason that of the Online, the 1 hour payday bank loan approach has grow to be the quickest way to get the more cash you need to have to “make stops meet”!

If you are like countless people, there may be an occasional will need for some extra funds due to the fact your utilities ended up a little greater than budgeted or your auto breaks straight down at the worst time. You really do not require to fear with the one hour payday loans online resolution considering that you easily entire the software course of action soon after you satisfy minimum eligibility demands and the funds are precisely deposited to your financial institution account.

It certainly does not get a great deal easier or more easy than today’s one hour payday mortgage transactions that are supplied on the web. With non-public buyers that are lending capital, it is potential to get eye-catching terms and conditions, instantaneous approvals and you can re-establish your credit history, if you have experienced previous credit difficulties. For people that require to address an sudden funds shortage rapidly, there are couple choices that provide the features of the one hour payday personal loan.

For one issue, you certainly not will need to depart your residence, as prolonged as you have a individual pc and you can accessibility the Net. As very long as you have secure money, an energetic lender account with immediate debit features and you are a citizen of legal age, you can get an quick approval and same exact day funding with a one hour payday mortgage. There is no sense shedding snooze in excess of a absence of cash for groceries or a looming utility disconnection when you can commence the course of action in the morning hours and have the cash in your account just before your night meal.

If you have experienced previous credit rating complications, you never desire to be troubled due to the fact there are one hour payday loan selections accessible for all those with negative credit score or no credit score, far too. Though common loan providers may well not speak to you, the on the net non-public lenders are keen to enable you re-set up credit and enable you get your brief-expression monetary issues under regulate. Most men and women that operate a little small concerning paychecks could be shelling out late service fees and overdraft expenses, but with the nominal service fees on a 1 hour payday loan, you might possibly know instant financial savings!…

At the same time, many other USA feel comfortable using Credit Cards

as the classic way of getting quick some quick cash. Although both have pro’s and con’s, if you can help it you should avoid debt in general.
Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of both credit cards and payday loans as financial solutions, we should get to know the two contenders.
Payday Loans vs Credit cards:
Payday Loans have been introduced to USA a couple of years ago due to the massive success they had in other English speaking countries such as The United States, The United Kingdom and Canada. What payday loans actually are is short term loans with easy criteria for applications and short times of approval.
Credit Cards are the classic way of getting cash. Depending on the bank and client, the credit card will or will not have a limit it can offer. People that already have a credit card may find it easier to use that cash but for new customers, the process of getting a credit card may take more than say a payday loan. In an immediate situation, you will always choose the quickest solution.
Facts about Payday Loans:
The fact that makes payday loans so attractive is that they are really fast. If you apply for a payday loan online in the morning you can have the money in your bank account by noon. Another thing that makes them a popular choice is that they have to be paid back within a couple of weeks, meaning that you will not be stuck with endless debt.
Another fact that people take into consideration when turning down a payday loan is the reputation that payday lenders have received over the years. Most USA residents think of payday lenders as shady and think that credit cards are more reliable. This however is a misconception. While some loan sharks may exist, with a bit of information you will be able to spot them and get the best deal you can.
Also, because payday loans are short term loans they are less risky than credit cards. Also the financial practices in USA are well regulated. This means that payday lenders have a maximum limit they can charge for a loan.
Now the thing that makes payday online slots loans a less than perfect choice is the high interest rate you need to pay, but that interest is only matched by the convenience they provide. There is no other place you will be funded a loan in a matter of hours.
Facts about Credit Cards:
Credit cards are the old fashion With your horoscope leo Ascendant, you come across as a conquering and dignified person who is marked by an indefinable nobleness. way to get quick cash, and while they may seem cheaper than payday

loans, you still get to pay a bit of interest rate, even up to 25%. One thing that makes credit cards convenient is that the money is already on your account; you only have to use it. This makes things easy for those that already own a credit card but what about the rest.
Now the fact that the money is already there is a blessing for some but most of the times it can also be a curse. Credit card addicts do exist and the way the use the credit card is abusive and very dangerous. The thing is that the combination between “free money” (what most people think of credit) and discounts can lead to overspending. Many stores or companies offer many types of discounts to promote their sales and credit card users fall into their trap and spend more they can actually cover.
Credit cards can be a good way of getting some quick cash if used responsibly, if not, you will find yourself in the situation of having to pay more than you can cover, then take out another credit just to be able to pay for the first.
One of the disadvantages of credit cards is that you are not warned about the dangers of overspending. The information about the fees and rates is there, you just have to know where to look for it.
The question of Payday loans or credit cards has a different answer depending on the person who needs the money, their financial situation and the urgency of the matter. While they both have their pro’s and con’s, we recommend payday loans because of the lower risk you take and the quick time to take care of the debt.…